10 Most Popular Towing Accessories -- and Why

Stopping Your Trailer with Supplementary Brakes
Brake controllers can offer some help with your heavy payload.
Brake controllers can offer some help with your heavy payload.
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Lugging a trailer behind you will obviously add to the overall weight of the tow vehicle. That's why the tow vehicle responds more slowly to acceleration and deceleration. The extra weight also means that your vehicle's brake pads will wear out faster (because of the additional force required to stop). Many people solve this problem by equipping their trailers with an independent electronic braking system. In these systems, the trailer's brakes are coupled electrically to those of the tow vehicle and respond simultaneously. Trailer braking systems come in three different types; each type operates on a different principle:

  1. Timed controls apply a fixed amount of braking over time.
  2. Inertia controls apply a fixed rate, but with override controls for high-speed stops.
  3. Proportional controls apply the same amount of force to the trailer as the tow vehicle's brakes apply to the tow vehicle.

You can install the controls for the electronic braking system in the tow vehicle.

At last you've arrived at the No. 1 towing accessory on our list. Read about it next.

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