10 Most Popular Towing Accessories -- and Why

Antisway Bars and Weight Distribution Hitches
If that brand-new boat starts swaying, the drivers are going to be in for a dangerous ride.
If that brand-new boat starts swaying, the drivers are going to be in for a dangerous ride.
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The most important problem in towing trailers is that they sway. Air pressure changes and wind turbulence can move the trailer in a direction opposite the tow vehicle. To counter this effect, you can purchase packages that contain antisway bars or weight-distribution hitches. These devices connect the tow vehicle and the trailer in more than one place (the ball mount). The extra attachment points help to stabilize the trailer.

Imagine holding on to a person over the side of a building with one hand. The suspended person can rotate freely about the one hand. Now, imagine that two or three people are holding on to that suspended person at different places. Suddenly the suspended person has much less freedom of movement. Antisway bars work in much the same manner. Kits are available to add antisway bars to existing hitches. Depending upon the type, antisway bars can range from $200 to $600 or more.

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