Are aerodynamic trailers cheaper to tow than boxy ones?

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Author's Note: Are aerodynamic trailers cheaper to tow than boxy ones?

While it's true that an aerodynamic trailer is going to cause you less pain at the fuel pump than a box on wheels, that's not the end of the story. In my research for this question of the day, I learned that while aerodynamics can make a huge difference for huge trucks with huge trailers, us "normal" drivers with our puny engines and tow-behind campers need to worry more about weight. Towing the smallest, lightest possible load is going to make the biggest difference for the recreational hauler; more than adding fairings or trailer extensions or other such falderal. The thing that will help the most, of course, is not driving like a maniac. That's going to save you money every time, trailer or no. Now if only I could take my own advice ...

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