How the Audi R8 Works

Audi R8 Interior

Now, while we said the Audi R8 was slightly more practical than the average supercar, that doesn't mean you'll be able to drive the soccer carpool in it.

Inside, the R8 has a luxurious interior, but it only seats two. Plus, the engine is directly behind the seats -- so there isn't a lot of in-cabin storage available, either.

But those concerns really don't matter for supercar shoppers. What does matter is that the R8's interior is swathed in the high-quality leather Audi is known for, with precise stitching and tasteful accents. However, just because the interior is luxurious doesn't mean it's not built for performance as well.

Take the seats: While they're posh, they're sculpted sport seats as well. They're engineered to hug the occupants' hips and shoulders, keeping them secure through turns. You may not think that matters -- after all, how hard can it be to sit in a chair? But at the speeds the R8 is capable of reaching it would be tough to hold the car through a turn if you had to also worry about holding your rear end in the seat. And, if you have an R8, with either one of its powerful engines, throwing it through turns at high speeds is exactly what you'll want to do.

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