How the Audi Nanuk Quattro Works

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Author's Note: How the Audi Nanuk Quattro Works

The only Audi I've ever owned was so ugly that my mom was embarrassed to be seen in it, even in a town where she knew no one. It was capable, though, and it was fun. And I've driven quite a few high-powered, high-priced Audis since then, and I'm glad Audi does well now by making nice cars, but I still long for my decrepit little beast of a 4000 Quattro. It's for nostalgia's sake, I think, that I hope the Nanuk Quattro makes it to production, even if for all its versatility, it's totally impractical. It's hard to figure out who its customer would be. Are there that many people who wanted a rally car 30 years ago and have since struck it rich? Would the Nanuk Quattro convert people who'd just planned to buy a straightforward supercar? Or is Audi just showing off? It'll be interesting to see where the Nanuk Quattro goes, if anywhere, because even the most ill-fated of concept cars always show a spark of the automaker's imagination.

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