Astrozombie: A Chopper Profile

Astrozombie is a 2005 Special Construction chopper. See more chopper pictures.

If you spend any time around Jason Hart of Chopsmiths, you soon realize the word "stock" is simply not part of his bike-building vocabulary. Any time he sets his sights on building another chopper, very few off-the-shelf components will be used -- and most of those will be modified. One example is the Astrozombie.

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A frame from RC Components was the starting point for Astrozombie, but -- not surprisingly -- it was tweaked a bit for this application. So were the Harley-Davidson Deuce forks. A Harley Shovelhead engine enlarged to 93 cubic inches provides plenty of motivational force.

The exotic contours of the rear fender, fuel tank, and side plates all began life as flat sheets of metal; Jason hand-formed, polished, and finished them with the help of his son, Devan.

Despite the wide variety of lights available in the aftermarket, Jason wanted to make his own. The headlight is fashioned out of a piston from a Cummins diesel engine, the tailight from an early Ford stop-lamp. So it can rightfully be said that, from head to tail, the Astrozombie is truly a custom-built machine.

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