Assassin: A Chopper Profile

Assassin is one of only a few custom choppers by Scooters Shooterz that is considered a Pro Street bike.

Based in a small town in Indiana, Scooter Shooterz is making a big name for itself. After showing its wares at a custom cycle show, the company was selected to participate in the hugely successful Biker Build-Off on The Discovery Channel. Most of Scooter Shooterz's creations would fall under the Radical category, but this one, named Assassin, is considered a Pro Street bike.

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And the Assassin certainly looks the Pro Street part: The steel frame is constructed of substantial 2-1/4-inch tubing, forks are raked at a mild 38 degrees for crisp control, and the black exhaust pipes and engine cases lend a businesslike appearance.

But all show and no go is not the way Scooter Shooterz builds its bikes. To live up to its name, Assassin was fitted with a 124-cubic-inch S&S engine coupled to a 6-speed transmission-and fat 300-mm rear tire.

One of Scooter Shooterz's unusual talents is the ability to design and produce its own wheels. A pair of Executioner rims are used on the Assassin, one of many designs offered by the company.

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