How Apple CarPlay Works

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Author's Note: How Apple CarPlay Works

There are many things I love about living -- and driving -- in this future. I love traction control, and collision mitigation systems, and automatic cruise control, and playing Pandora stations or Spotify playlists through my stereo. But all that other business -- sending text messages via voice command, having your appointments read to you while you drive -- that stuff should be left for the driverless cars of the next future. We still have to pay attention to the street ahead of us and the crazy kids on bikes on the sides of us, and that's hard to do when someone is reminding you that you have a dentist appointment at noon. Sure, your hands are on the wheel and your eyes are facing forward, but most of us turn our attention inward when we're listening to Siri or her ilk. It's not about where your hands and eyes go; it's about where your brain goes. As soon as you've got a driverless car, your brain can go wherever you like.

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