5 Reasons Not to Buy a Hybrid

Towin' and Haulin'
The 2019 Toyota Prius with all-wheel drive is good for hauling gear, but not necessarily for hauling trailers and heavy equipment. David McNew/Getty Images

Hybrid cars can handle almost any kind of driving situation. City, highway, small car, minivan: There's a hybrid for nearly everyone at a variety of price points.

Unless you need to tow or haul anything at all. Like, anything. Hybrids are not engineered to create the power needed to move the car, the people inside it, and a boat trailer or a bed full of mulch. Some hybrids can pull a little trailer for runs to the dump or one of those adorable tiny teardrop campers. In 2016, Toyota began offering a tow package for the Prius, which was seen as groundbreaking. No one expected a hybrid to ever tow anything, really. But it still is only capable of towing about 1,600 pounds (725 kilograms), which is the low end of the lightest campers on the market.

There's one more reason to not buy a hybrid, and it's a big one. But it might be the reason that gets you.

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