5 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid

Ever wondered what the big deal was about hybrid cars? Here are a few good reasons to consider one. See more pictures of hybrid cars.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The surprising speed at which government money disappeared during the first week of the infamous "Cash for Clunkers" program may have been a sign that a lot of drivers are ready for something different from the auto industry. The main point of the "Clunkers" incentive was that, after turning in their inefficient, gasoline-engine powered cars and receiving anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500, drivers would turn around and purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle. So, what drove people to practically give their cars away for a wad of cash and a promise to try out a different technology?

If you're reading this, you might be thinking about someday owning a hybrid car yourself. Maybe you do a lot of city driving and are looking to stretch out your gas mileage numbers in between stoplights? Or maybe you have a bona fide "clunker" and simply want to clear your conscience with a more environmentally friendly car. Whatever your situation, if you're considering buying a hybrid car there are several reasons to do so.