5 Luxury Hybrids

With more hybrids on the road, there's a better chance someone's going to dream up a fancy version and actually sell it. See more hybrid car pictures.
Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images

Much of the attention paid to hybrid cars is due to the need to cut back on excess. As gas prices fluctuate, concern over peak oil grows and experts debate the role humans and automobiles play in global warming, the push for better fuel economy has forced many car companies to adapt accordingly.

So with a depressed economy, people holding back on new car purchases and drivers cutting back on commuting in general in order to save gas money, you'd think it wouldn't be the right time to try to sell a hybrid car with a six-figure list price, right?

Oops, you'd be wrong. As more and more automakers test out hybrid technologies and the market for fuel-efficient vehicles expands, a small but plush corner of the industry is emerging -- the luxury hybrid car.