5 Awesome Antique Tractors


1947 Lamborghini Carioca

An old Farmall tractor stands idle at the McCranie Brothers turpentine still in Willacoochee, Ga.
An old Farmall tractor stands idle at the McCranie Brothers turpentine still in Willacoochee, Ga.
AP Photo/Elliott Minor

You read that right: a Lamborghini tractor. Before Ferruccio Lamborghini ever trained his sights on his cross-town rival Enzo Ferrari, he owned a company that built tractors. And the first one was the Carioca model he built in 1947 using surplus military parts. After World War II, parts were practically lying on the ground just waiting to be picked up and put to good use.

The tractor now resides at Centro Studi e Ricerche Ferruccio Lamborghini, the family museum in Italy. Lamborghini used the fortune he created in farm equipment as seed money for his luxury sports car business. What you may not know is that while the Murcielago and Gallardo supercars are famous today, the tractor side of the business is still going strong, complete with the Lamborghini name in script along the nose and the rampaging bull logo, too.

So there you have it. Five awesome antique tractors that you may have never heard of otherwise. But if you're still looking for more antique tractor information, follow the links below.

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