300 VM Appaloosa: A Chopper Profile

The 300 VM Appaloosa features an advanced design. See more chopper pictures.

Having been in the business of building choppers since 1989, Surgical-Steeds has amassed a proven track record. So its latest offering, the classically designed, technologically advanced 300 VM Appaloosa, has a long history behind it.

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Heavy-gauge tubing is used to form the chassis, including the 2-inch-diameter downtube, which is curved for style and strength. Surgical-Steeds' Monoglide chassis was introduced in 1996, utilizing an under-seat, fully adjustable spring/shock unit to control motions of the spade-shaped swingarm. The need for a separate oil tank has been eliminated by storing the required lubricant in the atransmission case.

Buyers wanting to build it themselves can purchase the Surgical-Steeds chassis in kit form. The frame was designed to accept any Harley- Davidson V-twin, including the new Twin Cam 88. Those purchasing a complete machine can opt for a 111- or 124-cubic-inch S&S engine. Either way, buyers end up with a machine that not only has a long history behind it, but an equally long future ahead.

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