How the 2015 Ford Mustang Works

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Author's Note: How the 2015 Ford Mustang Works

I had a vague idea of the Mustang's release before it happened, but only because I have friends who work in social media in Detroit and they kept dropping employer-sanctioned hints. Like most new cars I write about, this one reminds me of something old. Something from 1993 or earlier, to be precise, because the Mustang in question was a four-cylinder. It belonged to my childhood best friend. It was flaky blue, having been refinished (at some point) with semi-gloss house paint. Though the lineage of the new Mustang can be pretty easily visually traced back through the generations, there's little (other than a four-cylinder engine!) that suggests any sort of connection between the car I remember and the car I just spent several hours admiring. There were some good memories in my friend Carrie's old 'Stang, though, and I really do believe such experiences are what ultimately keep people coming back for more.

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