1995 Corvette

It was announced that an all-new C5 Corvette was on track for the 1997 model year, and with testing already underway on the new model, changes for the 1995 Corvette would remain incremental at best. Revised "gill" air vents now graced the car's front fenders. Inside, seats carried stronger "French" seam stitching, the CD player was given stronger mounting to prevent skipping, and several adhesive-fabric straps were installed in key places around the cabin to help reduce rattles.

High price and low sales helped kill the mighty Corvette ZR-1 after 1995.
High price and low sales helped kill the mighty Corvette ZR-1 after 1995.

The standard LT1 engine's refinement process continued, though power remained at 300 bhp. Connecting rods were revised to improve strength and weight uniformity, the engine fan was made quieter, and the fuel-injection system was improved to account for the use of alcohol-blend fuels and to reduce fuel dripping when the engine was turned off. Likewise, enhancements to the electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission afforded even smoother shifting, and the unit's torque converter was made lighter but stronger. Heavy-duty ZR-1 brakes were made standard across the board, and all models now included a new ABS/traction-control system (ABS/ASR-5). Models equipped with the base suspension now had lower front/rear spring rates.

Since the available extended-mobility tires effectively did away with the need for a spare, buyers who chose the optional run-flat rubber could delete the spare tire (in the name of weight reduction as well as a lower price) via RPO N84 for a $100 credit.

Buyers who purchased the 1995 Corvette Indy Car replica got the same special paint and graphics.
Buyers who purchased the 1995 Corvette Indy Car replica got the same special
paint and graphics, but not the actual pacer's roof "hoop," light bar, and other
track-required features.

A near-stock LTI convertible paced the Indy 500 in 1995, and Chevy marked the occasion with the RPO Z4Z Pace Car Replica. This $2,816 package was limited to convertibles, and included Dark Purple Metallic over Arctic White paint, a white top, and unique graphics and trim. Of the 527 replicas built, 87 were sent to the Indy 500 and/or used for public relations purposes, 20 were exported, and the remaining 415 were doled out to Chevrolet's top-performing U.S. dealers.

Prices had risen by a small amount and were now up to $36,875 for the coupe and $43,665 for the ragtop -- and dealers were discounting. Sales slid by several thousand units, however, and were down to 20,742 for the model year. Only 448 ZR-1s were sold for 1995, marking a total of 6,939 built during its six-year run. The last model was built on April 28, 1995.

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