1993-1994 Pontiac Firebird

1994 Pontiac Firebird

1994 was the final year Pontiac offered the Firebird. Fans of the nameplate await its return.
1994 was the final year Pontiac offered the Firebird. Fans of the nameplate await its return.
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For the 1994 model year, the 5.7-liter V-8 adopted sequential fuel injection, but retained the same horsepower/torque ratings. Trans Am became a separate model, adding a GT edition, for a full four-model lineup. The GT had so many standard features, Pontiac proclaimed, mat only five options were offered.

An electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with driver-selectable controls replaced the former hydraulic unit. Drivers could choose "normal" or "performance" modes on Formula/Trans Am, or "normal" or "second gear start" (snow) modes on base Firebirds. "Second gear start" reduced power to the drive wheels during initial acceleration. Mean-while, the six-speed manual gearbox added a forced first-to-fourth-gear shift under light acceleration, like Corvette's.

Pontiac promised to offer traction control as an option later in the model year, but only for V-8s with automatic. The system would detect tire spin at either drive wheel, eliminating slippage via controlled application of brakes and reduction of engine torque.

Another midyear addition was a 25th Anniversary Trans Am decked out in white paint with a bold blue stripe running nose-to-tail-much in keeping with the original Trans Am's color scheme. Other exterior styling cues included white five-spoke aluminum wheels and an assortment of special decals and badges. Inside, white leather seats (as well as the white door panels) sported blue "25th Trans Am" embroidering. According to introductory press material, division manager John G. Middlebrook proclaimed that "Pontiac will only build around 2,000 of the highly contented 25th Anniversary Trans Ams."

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