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1993 Ford Trucks

Ford Ecostar

The 1993 Ford model year brought an update for the Ranger compact pickup truck, which had seen few changes since its 1983 introduction. It also brought the debut of a high-performance F-150 -- an oxymoron to some -- called the Lightning. Ford's Special Vehicle Team built it for buyers who wanted the utility of a truck with the power and handling of a performance car. The Lightning would come and go over the years, but it would always stay true to its originally stated mission.

Based on Ford of Europe's Escort Van, the Ecostar was an experimental electric vehicle that was not sold to the general public in the U.S., but did see limited fleet use. It was claimed to have a top speed of 75 mph and range of 100 miles courtesy of its sodium-sulfur battery pack.

1993 Ford Ranger

A rounded-edge restyle was applied to the Ford Ranger pickup truck for 1993, its first since 1989.

1993 Ford Ranger

A revised Ford Ranger interior also came along for the restyle ride, but powertrains carried over.

1992 Ford Lightning

Replacing the Ford F-150's Nite package for 1993 was the performance-oriented Lightning, which lived up to its name with a special version of the 5.8-liter V-8 engine packing 240 horsepower, vs. 200 for other 5.8s. Like the Nite, Lightning featured blackout trim, to which was added a sport suspension with 17-inch alloy wheels, front spoiler, and specific bucket seats.

Ford touted the F-150 Eddie Bauer Expedition as "The outdoorsman's dream vehicle," but never sold it to outdoorsmen -- or anyone else. The 1992 concept truck featured a bed cover that included a pull-out stove and refrigerator under a protective awning, along with extra storage compartments. What did eventually make it to production was the Expedition name, which would later be applied to a full-size SUV.

Ford made several safety enhancements in 1994. Continue to the next page for details.

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