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1990-1999 Ford Trucks

1992 Ford Trucks

1992 Ranger STX

Ford celebrated its 75th anniversary of making trucks during 1992, a year that also brought a redesign of the full-size Econoline vans. These vehicles had not seen major changes since 1975, so it was a welcome modernization.

The 1992 Ford Ranger's STX package came with side graphics, as shown on this SuperCab 4x4.


1992 Ford Ranger Sport

1992 Ford Ranger Sport models got their own distinct -- and colorful -- graphics.

1992 Ford F-Series trucks

The Flareside bed returned as an option in 1992 after a four-year absence. It was available on both regular- and extended-cab models of F-Series pickup trucks.

1992 Ford Bronco

The full-size Bronco received the same new front-end treatment as the Ford F-Series trucks, and also added a Nite trim package similar to that introduced on F-Series trucks the previous year.

1992 Ford F-Series

Ford F-Series pickups were also treated to a front-end restyle for 1992 that resulted in a smoother face.

Two unusual Ford concept trucks were briefly introduced in 1993, but never mass produced. See them here when you continue to the next page.

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