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1990-1999 Ford Trucks

1990 Ford Trucks

1990 Ford Ranger

In 1990, Ford announced that the beloved medium-duty C-Series Tilt Cab truck, which was introduced for 1957 and had soldiered on for more than 30 years with hardly a change or complaint, was to be decommissioned.

Newly optional on the 1990 Ford Ranger was the same 4.0-liter V-6 added to the Aerostar minivan's engine roster. Gone for '90 was the sporty GT package.


1990 Bronco II

Bronco II was in its swan-song year, and was thus carried over with few changes.

1990 Ford Bronco

Aside from the four-speed overdrive automatic transmission being offered with all engines for 1990, the Bronco received few changes.

1990 Cargo

The medium-duty Ford Cargo, introduced for 1986, was originally intended to replace the C-Series Tilt Cab truck, but it wasn't until 1990 that it actually did so.

1990 and 1957 Ford C-Series truck

After an unprecedented 34 years on the market with very few changes, the C-Series breathed its last in 1990. Its demise was a surprise -- and disappointment -- to many, as it remained one of the most popular trucks of its type right up to its dying day. In this split photo, the 1990 model is on the left, the original '57 version on the right.

The Ford Explorer arrived on the scene at the end of the 1990 model year. Continue to the next page to track its progress toward becoming the nation's top-selling SUV.

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