1989 Plymouth Speedster Concept Car

Image Gallery: Concept Cars The 1989 Plymouth Speedster concept car was a cross between a car and a motorcycle. See more concept car pictures.
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Four wheels do not a car make. Not always. The 1989 Plymouth Speedster concept car rode on four wheels, all right, but it was a spry little mix of motorcycle and automobile.

Pondering how it might be possible to climb inside the Speedster, which lacks opening doors, no one would be surprised to learn that it was aimed clearly at the 18 to 25 year-olds so prized by the marketing mavens. Demographers and marketers love the under-25s, calculating that young people have loads of surplus cash, with which they are eager to purchase products of every kind.

Naturally, one of those products was an automobile. So just about every automaker (except for those who specialized in luxury vehicles) struggled to appeal to the elusive tastes of the youngest drivers.

Fun and frolic, surf and swim. According to the 1980s analysts, that's how young people utilized their free time. And that was the basic theme of the Plymouth Speedster concept car, which, had it become a production model, would have been expected to carry laughing loads of teens and young adults to beaches and ocean vistas.

One trade paper described the Speedster as "whimsical." Some might brand it frivolous. Yet who could say what kind of narrow market niches might emerge as the future gets underway?

Pontiac tried a similar approach with its Stinger. Both concept vehicles made the rounds of the auto-show circuit during 1989. Maybe both companies had finally found the car they needed to draw young folks to their more pedestrian wares, even if this pair never dropped off the end of an assembly line.

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