1987-1989 BMW M5

The 1987-1989 BMW M5 was an exercise in BMW Motorsport -- this time on Munich's second-series mid-size four-door, which was new in 1982. This BMW was identical to lesser 5s except for the usual chassis uprating to cope with the high-performance M-88 six, which was used in the mid-engine M1 and M635CSi/M6.

1987 BMW M5 sedan, part of the 1987-1989 BMW M5 line of collectible cars
1987 BMW M5 sedan.  See more pictures of BMW cars.

The 1987-1989 BMW M5 was a short-timer, and thus few in number, owing to the advent of the all-new "aerodynamic" 5-Series for 1989, which included a new M5 from early '90. Slicker styling may ultimately render the replacement more collectible, but the first M5 is still one of the more rewarding late-model BMWs.

Pluses of the 1987-1989 BMW M5:

  • Not long out of production, so parts and service still good
  • Goes, stops, and handles like few other four-doors
  • Solid, burly feel
  • Room for four
  • Lots of niceties

Minuses of the 1987-1989 BMW M5:

  • Values have yet to hit bottom
  • Dull, boxy styling

Production of the 1987-1989 BMW M5:

  • 1987: 403
  • 1988: 243
  • 1989: 547

Specifications of the 1987-1989 BMW M5:
Wheelbase, inches: 103.3
Length, inches: 189.0
Weight, pounds: Approximately 3,400
Price, new: $45,500 (U.S.)

Engine for the 1987-1989 BMW M5:

dohc I-63,453 cc

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