1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT

The 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT was a K-car-based, liftback sports coupe that, if properly equipped, offered brisk performance and outstanding handling. Sharply raked windshield and slope nose were highlights of slick, laudably restrained styling.

Top model, the XT, ran with a special handling suspension and 2.2-liter turbo four that produced 142/146 horsepower. With this engine and 5-speed manual trans, an XT Laser could manage the 0-60 mph sprint in a hair over eight seconds (add a full second for automatic). Quarter-mile came up in about 16 seconds with terminal speed in the mid-80s. Top speed about 115. Turbo lag was modest and mid-range response was good.

Fully equipped XTs had a slew of high-tech options, including "Electronic Navigator." Total XT production amounted to little more than 10,400.

Pluses of the 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT:

  • Novel, latter-day Chrysler-nameplate performance car
  • Low production numbers
  • Turbo-powered acceleration
  • Sticky handling
  • Mucho luxury and gadgetry
  • Clean good looks
Minuses of the 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT:
  • Humble underpinnings
  • Turbo examples may be tired
  • "Voice-alert" warning system and other electronic gadgets may have gone wonky with age
  • Exhaust drone
Production of the 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT:
  • 1985 1/2: 3,452
  • 1986: 6,989
Specifications of the 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT:
Length, inches: 175.0
Weight, pounds: 2,665-2,695
Wheelbase, inches: 97.0
Price, new: $11,854

Engines for the 1985-1986 Chrysler Laser XT:

och l-4

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