1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE

1983 Pontiac 6000STE sedan, part of the 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE line
1983 Pontiac 6000STE sedan

The 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE was an honest American attempt at a "Euro-style" sports sedan -- a response to mid-eighties "yuppie" demand for same. Based on Pontiac's A-body front-drive 6000 family sedan (new for 1982), it boasted a smooth 2.8-liter V-6 instead of a rough "big four."

In addition, it featured no-cost automatic transmission, high-rate suspension, low-key exterior, driver-oriented buckets/console interior, and extra conveniences like a roadside emergency kit and a trunk-mounted air compressor.

STE meant "Special Touring Edition," and the car lived up to that name. The 6000STE was replaced by an all-wheel-drive version by 1989. It’s not likely to be collected for some time yet, but it's an interesting semi-certain long shot prospect.

Pluses of the 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE:

  • Fairly uncommon newer Pontiac
  • Good handling
  • Restrained yet sporty appointments
  • Smooth performance
  • Used-car cheap

Minuses of the 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE:

  • Acceleration not thrilling
  • As problem-prone as any period GM'er
  • Gruesome gauge grouping
  • Little collector interest at present

Production of the 1983 Pontiac 6000STE:

Production of the 1984 Pontiac 6000STE:

Production of the 1985 Pontiac 6000STE:

Production of the 1986 Pontiac 6000STE:

Production of the 1987 Pontiac 6000STE:

Specifications of the 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE:
Wheelbase, inches: 104.9
Length, inches: 188.7

Weight, pounds: 2,823-3,035
Price, new: $13,572-$18,100 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1983-1987 Pontiac 6000STE:

ohv V-6
173 cid

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