1982 Honda MB-5

The Honda MB-5 combined the agility and economy of a scooter with several features of bigger bikes, and found a devoted audience. See more motorcycle pictures.

The 1982 Honda MB-5 motorcycle was a blend of scooter and motorbike. The combination didn't draw a large audience, but the little commuter bike certainly had its virtues, and its admirers.

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Sporty looks aside, the 1982 Honda MB-5 motorcycle was no scorcher. Its 50-cc two-stroke single was aimed more at economy than speed. But several "big bike" features could be found on it.

It had a speedometer and a tachometer, the latter redlining at a dizzy 10,500 rpm. And it boasted a front disc brake, as well as Comstar wheels from Honda's bigger motorcycles.

A two-place saddle was fitted, though surely the little engine would be taxed carrying a pair of passengers.

Front disc brake seemed like overkill on a bike with such modest speed potential, but probably helped inspire confidence in new riders.

Sporty as it looked, the MB-5's little 50-cc two-stroke didn't produce much power, even at its 10,500-rpm redline.

Unique and endearing as it was, the Honda MB-5 was short-lived in the U.S. Other manufacturers didn't jump on the idea, and Honda abandoned the MB-5 after just a few years.

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