1982 Buick Grand National

The 1982 Buick Grand National began as a regal-based trim package created to exploit Buick's success on the NASCAR circuit. Silver-gray and charcoal-gray two-toning, plus stripes and other accents, were eye-catching, but this Grand National looked meaner that it really was.

1982 Buick Grand National coupe, part of the 1982 Buick Grand National line of collectible cars
1982 Buick Grand National coupe. See more pictures of Buicks.

A 4.1-liter V-6 produced a mild 125 bhp -- sufficient to make the GN a reasonably brisk performer, but one easily outclassed by the relatively mild Camaros and Firebirds of the day, and even by its less flashy sibling, the turbocharged Regal T-Type. Still, the '82 Grand National was a great-looking car, and the fact that just 215 were built for the model year would seem to make collectibility obvious.

Pluses of the 1982 Buick Grand National:

  • Low production
  • Striking good looks
  • Easy to repair and maintain

Minuses of the 1982 Buick Grand National:

  • More show than go
  • Neither as fast nor as desirable as Grand Nationals that came later in the decade

Production of the 1982 Buick Grand National:

Specifications of the 1982 Buick Grand National:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.1
Length, inches: 200.6
Weight, pounds: 3,152
Price, new: $9,728

Engine for the 1982 Buick Grand National:

ohv V-64.1 liter (252 cid) 125 1982

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