1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa

The 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa was the junior Lamborghini of the 1980s -- essentially an updated Silhouette issued after a four-year hiatus to rejoin the battle with Ferrari's similar 308-series. Major changes involved a quad-cam V-8 stroked to 3.5 liters for easier emissions tuning, plus somewhat more aggressive styling (mainly in bodyside treatment), again conceived and executed by Bertone.

1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa
1982 Lamborghini Jalpa coupe.  See more pictures of Lamborghini cars.

The Jalpa was still a Targa-style two-seater with a carbureted engine mounted transversely amidships, plus a five-speed rear transaxle and fully independent suspension, all as per the Urraco/Silhouette. But it was little quicker owing to slightly less horsepower -- for cleaner air -- and somewhat more weight -- thanks to added amenities for more civilized touring.

Production was both limited and sporadic, reflecting Lamborghini's continuing financial woes, which looked to be solved with the 1987 takeover by Chrysler Corporation. Also, Jalpa output tended to be sacrificed to that of its brutish, futuristic big brother, the Countach, which earned a bigger per-unit profit. Production was terminated by 1990.

Pluses of the 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa:
  • A supercar in everything but size
  • Delightful engine
  • Superb road manners
  • Quick
  • Parts expensive when available
Minuses of the 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa:
  • Unit-construction rust worries
  • Limited passenger and luggage space
  • Odd driving stance Messy dash
  • Rather piggish (about 13 mpg)
  • Spotty parts/service support
  • Newer and thus less certain a collector car
  • Still fairly expensive
Production of the 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa:

Specifications of the 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa:
Wheelbase, inches
: 95.5
Length, inches: 166.0
Weight, pounds
: 3,300
Price, new
: approx. $54,000 (in U.S.)

Engines for the 1982-1989 Lamborghini Jalpa:

Type Size
dohc V-8
3,485 cc (213 cid)
250 1982-1989

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