1980-1989 Ford Trucks

1982 Ford Trucks

1982 Ford F-Series pickup truck

1982 was the final year in which Ford produced the Courier pickup. This year Ford introduced a mildly restyled front end for F-Series pickup trucks and the Bronco.

An ´82 F-series differed in appearance from an ´81 courtesy of a Ford blue oval that was placed in the center of a grille with fewer vertical bars. This prompted the deletion of the Ford lettering that previously graced the leading edge of the hood. In a further bow to fuel economy, the F-100 came standard with a new 232-cubic-inch V-6 for 1982.

1982 SuperCab Ford truck

SuperCab Ford trucks had a longer cab that allowed for a three-passenger rear bench seat or a pair of jump seats. The divided rear side window first appeared in Ford trucks for 1980.

1982 Ford F-Series trucks with custom decor

Spoked wheels and tape stripes continued to dress up F-Series trucks, with some new designs being offered for 1982. During this time, pickups were becoming more popular for regular passenger use, largely replacing high-performance cars -- long since regulated out of existence -- as trendy transportation.

Caterpillar 3208 V-8 diesel engine

Offered in the 1982 LN-Series was a Caterpillar 3208 V-8 diesel with 165 to 200 horsepower. The Cat provided a broad torque range that minimized shifting in city traffic.

1982 LN-Series medium-duty Ford truck

Covering a similar 24,000- to 27,500-lb GVW range were the big-rig-styled LN-Series medium-duty Ford trucks. From the front bumper to the back of the cab, they were about seven inches shorter than their F-Series counterparts.

1983 signaled the end of the Mazda-built Courier truck and the rise of the Ford-built Ranger compact pickup truck. Continue to the next page to learn more.

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