1980-1989 Ford Trucks

1980 Ford Trucks

Coors Beer custom-commissioned Couri
Coors Beer custom-commissioned Couri

Major Ford truck changes for 1980 included revised styling on F-Series trucks and Broncos, and the fact that 434 versions of Ford trucks got independent front suspensions. Late in the model year, medium- and heavy-duty Ford trucks were offered with engines that ran on Liquid Propane (LP) gas.

Coors Beer commissioned a custom Courier that featured period-popular hood scoop, spoilers, sunroof, and big-rig-style chrome exhaust stacks. The Flareside bed was specially made, as it wasn't offered on the Courier that year.

1980 Ford Bron 1980 Ford Bron
1980 Ford Bron

Broncos and F-Series pickups got a new face for 1980, and pickup trucks continued to offer both Styleside and Flareside beds.

1980 Ford Ranger 1980 Ford Ranger
1980 Ford Ranger

Bronco and F-Series four-wheel-drive truck models adopted Twin-Traction Beam independent front suspension for 1980. Rival GM 434s wouldn't get independent front suspension until 1988.

1980 medium-duty Ford truck 1980 medium-duty Ford truck
1980 medium-duty Ford truck

Ford redesigned its medium-duty trucks for 1980, giving them a sleek, modern look that bore a kinship to their heavy-duty siblings. Both gas and diesel engines were offered.

1981's Ford truck options included a number of custom-decor packages for light-duty pickups. Continue to the next page to check them out.

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