1978-1998 Vector

The Vector is a sports car with a long and scandalous history. See more classic car pictures.

Determined to put an American entry on the exotic-car map, Gerald Wiegart began planning the Vector in the early 1970s. It took him almost 10 years to get a working model on the road degrees -- and a little more than another decade to be acrimoniously ousted from the company he founded. Meanwhile, Vector faintly hangs on against the odds.

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Many people have attempted to manufacture cars in the past century. Most of these efforts have been long forgotten. Quite a few just fade away without anyone ever noticing.

The Vector has had every reason to join those lost marques, except for the fact that those behind the car and company refuse to give up the fight. Three teams have championed the cause and while there are admirers, only a handful have experienced America's only supercar.

Our story begins with a man and his dream. Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Gerald Wiegert studied at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. He earned bachelor's degrees, with honors, in both vehicle design and product design from the Art Center College of Design in California.

According to instructors at the Art Center and later co-workers, he was a very creative and talented designer. While attending school, Wiegert became fascinated by aerospace and automobiles. These interests would direct the rest of his career.

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