1976-1990 Lagonda

The 1976-1990 Lagonda, built at the rate of no more than one per week, was a four-door sedan with severely angular styling by William Towns, which was somewhat rounded off after 1986. The chassis was the familiar AM platform-type with all-independent suspension by double wishbones fore, de Dion axle with Watt linkage aft, but also with rear-self-leveling.

The 1976-1990 Lagonda was powered by the 5.3-liter dual-cam V-8 from the DBS/AM V-8 coupe, linked to Chrysler's TorqueFlite automatic. Power steering, windows and seats were standard, along with big all-disc brakes. A snug four-place cabin with British-traditional wood and leather trim was dominated by a gadgety instrument panel, somewhat simplified from 1983 but always with digi-graphic displays.

Digital fuel injection was adopted in 1986, though the effect on engine output wasn't precisely known, owing to Aston's policy of not quoting horsepower/torque (à la Rolls-Royce). There was more than adequate muscle, however, despite weighty heft, with 0-60 typically averaging 8-9 seconds, and top speed around 140 mph. Handbuilt, the 1976-1990 Lagonda is thus a very rare bird, especially in the U.S.

Pluses of the 1976-1990 Lagonda:
  • Head-turner
  • One of the world's fastest four-doors
  • Rare
  • Opulent
Minuses of the 1976-1990 Lagonda:
  • Gas guzzler
  • Fit/finish disappoints in spots
  • Cramped rear entryways
  • Seating really too snug
  • Gimmicky dash
  • Ultimate collector status unclear
Production of the 1976-1990 Lagonda:
est. 500

Specifications of the 1976-1990 Lagonda:
Wheelbase, inches
: 114.0
Length, inches: 208.0
Weight, pounds
: 4,550
Price, new
: $50,000-187,500 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1976-1990 Lagonda:

Type Size
dohc V-8
326 cc
289/263 1976-1990

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