1975-78 Jaguar XJC

The 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC was a neat-looking hardtop derivative of the superlative Jaguar XJ sedan, built only on the original short-wheelbase Series I platform.

1975-1978 Jaguar XJC
1975 Jaguar XJ6C hardtop coupe.  See more pictures of Jaguar cars.

Called "the corporate sports car" by Jaguar's U.S. advertising agency, and "the corpulent sports car" by one agency wag, the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC was originally scheduled to be launched along with the Series II sedans in late 1973. Actual production was considerably delayed, however, because of structural rigidity bothers.

This was a rival in concept for the "New Generation" Mercedes-Benz hardtops of the day, but the XJC didn't sell well, perhaps because of its restricted rear seat space, the very thing that led to adoption of a longer wheelbase for the sedans. Plush leather and walnut interior, neat styling, and smooth, powerful engines (your choice of the traditional dohc six or the new V-12) combine with low production to make the XJC a high-potential collectible.

The XJC was one of the few cars of the 1970s that looked great and performed beautifully despite safety and emissions regulations. UK production continued through 1978, after which the "C" was dropped and the sedans updated to Series III specifications.

Pluses of the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC:
  • Low-production appeal
  • High investment potential long term
  • Luxury and full amenities
  • Scintillating to sizzling performance
  • Unique body style
  • Mechanical parts still plentiful, especially for the six

Minuses of the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC:
  • The usual Jag reliability headaches
  • Expensive to repair and maintain
  • Somewhat rust-prone

Production of the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC:
  • Six: 1,794
  • V-12: 686

Specifications of the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.8
Length, inches: 195.0
Weight, pounds: 4195
Price, new: $17,000 (U.S.) in 1976

Engines for the 1975-1978 Jaguar XJC:

Type Size
dohc I-6
4,235 cc (258 cid)
162 1975-1978
ohc V-12
5,343 cc (326 cid)
244 1976

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