1971-1978 Oldsmobile Toronado

1975 Oldsmobile Toronado

The 1975 Oldsmobile Toronado boasted improved fuel econ­omy. "For 1975, engineering refinements have significantly improved gas mileage over last year," the division said. "Weight has been reduced. Idle speed lowered. Carburetion is more efficient." Horsepower was further reined in to 215. A new 2.73:1 axle ratio certainly boosted highway mileage.

To help Toronado driv­ers help themselves go easy on gas, a fuel economy gauge that "shows when you're getting the best mileage" was optional. All the while, stiffening emissions standards still had to be met, and that was done through the addition of a catalytic converter.

GM's gradual switch to rectangular headlamps began in '75, the Toronado being among the first vehicles on which this happened. In back, vertical bumper ends filled the area that formerly held the taillamps; rear lighting moved to a strip below the decklid. True hardtop styling was replaced by a roof with static opera windows in wide sail panels.

Power windows and high-energy ignition were now standard, and a theft-deterrent system that flashed lights and sounded the horn if anyone tampered with the doors, hood, or trunk was a new option. Two models were offered, a Custom and a Brougham that cost $230 more.

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