1971-1978 Oldsmobile Toronado

1972 Oldsmobile Toronado

After the full redesign, there wasn't a lot new on the 1972 Oldsmobile Toronado. The grille sections shifted to all vertical bars. Protective moldings -- chrome on the body sides, vinyl on the front bumper -- became standard equipment, and the rear-seat armrest now boasted a built-in cigar lighter.

The 1972 Oldsmobile Toronado continued to be powered by a 455-cid V-8.
The 1972 Oldsmobile Toronado continued to
be powered by a 455-cid V-8.

A revision to the ventilation system did away with the deck louvers. Audible wear sensors were added to the disc brakes, and wheelbase was nudged back to exactly 122 inches. New options included an outside temperature indicator, headlamps-off delay, a sealed battery, and tilt-away steering wheel.

The Toronado V-8 was now rated at 250 bhp. A little of the 100-horsepower cut was the effect of retuning to curb exhaust emissions, but most of the reduction was simply due to the fact that the industry began reporting net horsepower as measured at the flywheel with all engine accessories operating.

Previ­ously, gross horsepower -- measured on engines running without necessary but power-robbing accessories -- had been the standard. With an uninterrupted production schedule and essentially unchanged prices, model-year demand for Toros grew by 69 percent to a record 48,900. This was in keeping with Oldsmobile's overall success: On the strength of an all-time high 758,711 cars built that season, the division shot up to third in sales.

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