1970-1979 Ford Trucks

1971 Ford Trucks

Ford's 1971 light-duty truck offerings

Other than minor trim updates, the 1971 Ford truck lineup was little-changed from 1970. Ford concentrated instead on its new subcompact Pinto and a redesigned Mustang.

A group portrait of Ford's 1971 light-duty truck family includes, clockwise from left, a Bronco sport-utility, a long-wheelbase Econoline Club Wagon, the bread-and-butter F-Series pickup (here an F-250 Camper Special), and a sporty Ranchero GT.

1971 Ford Bronco

Among the more substantial improvements made in the 1971 Ford truck family was the new heavy-duty axle fitted to Bronco sport-utility vehicles. The 12.7-gallon fuel tank, first used only on 1970 models with evaporative emissions-recovery systems, was another new across-the-board addition, and front bucket seats were standardized during the 1971 model year.

1971 Ford LTS

The Ford LTS truck's setback front axle allowed it to carry a greater percentage of the total load in addition to providing a tighter turning radius.

1971 Ford W-Series

A nicer interior was among the changes made to Ford's 1971 W-Series truck tractors.

The compact Courier was Ford's latest truck innovation in 1972. Learn more in the next section.

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