1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes

This 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda hardtop coupe was part of the 1970-74 Plymouthg Barracuda Coupe series.
1971 Plymouth 'Cuda hardtop coupe

The 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes were the final closed Barracudas, marked by more aggressive, "more ponycar" notchback styling and a much beefier new basic structure shared with Dodge's concurrent Challenger.

These coupes were somewhat more numerous than the short-lived 1970-1971 Barracuda Convertibles, though not much in the case of the later performance-oriented 'Cudas. All were hardtop models save a fixed-pillar price-leader that was tried to no good sales effect for 1971 only.

Base and sporty 'Cuda versions were offered throughout, plus luxury Gran Coupe (with formal vinyl-covered roof, a twin to Challenger SE) for 1970-1972. A minor facelift occurred for '71, after which styling was again lightly modified -- then frozen.

Performance declined along with production, though not as much as horsepower numbers might imply, but big-block engines were canceled after '71 in deference to rising insurance rates and a consequent waning in buyer interest.

Big-blocks command the highest values as collector cars, but most any V-8 example is a fine investment, indicated by asking prices that continue rising with fair speed.

Pluses of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes:

Minuses of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes:

Production of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes:

  • 1970 base hardtop coupe: 25,651; Gran Coupe hardtop: 8,183; 'Cuda hardtop coupe: 18,880
  • 1971 base pillared/hardtop coupe: 9,459; Gran Coupe hardtop: 1,615; 'Cuda hardtop coupe: 6,228
  • 1972 base hardtop: 10,622; 'Cuda hardtop coupe: 7,828
  • 1973 base hardtop coupe: 11,587; 'Cuda hardtop coupe: 10,626
  • 1974 base hardtop coupe: 6,745; 'Cuda hardtop coupe: 4,989

Specifications of the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0
Length, inches: 186.7
Weight, pounds: 2,905-3,235
Price, new: $2,764-3,252

Engines for the 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes:

Type Size Horsepower* Years
ohv I-6 225 cid 110/145 1970-1972
ohv V-8 318 cid 150/230 1970-1974
ohv V-8 340 cid 240/275 1970-1973
ohv V-8 360 cid 245 1974
ohv V-8 383 cid 275/335 1970-1971
ohv V-8 426 cid 425 1970-1971
ohv V-8 440 cid 375/390 1970-1971
*SAE gross

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