1970-1971 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

The 1970-1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT was Plymouth's somewhat belated attempt at a high-performance full-size model, produced in very low numbers for these two model years only. Though a Sport Fury sub-series had been offered previously as the top of Plymouth's big-car line and was available with the division's largest engines, the GT version was even more special.

As part of Plymouth's 1970 "Rapid Transit System," this two-door hardtop was decked out with the big-block Super Commando 440 V-8 with a single four-barrel carb, good for 350 horses. A 390-bhp version with Plymouth's Six-Pack carburetion (a trio of two-barrels) was optional. The package also included heavy-duty underpinnings and bodyside "strobe stripes."

For 1970 only, a companion model, the S/23, was also listed, powered by the mild-mannered 318. Horsepower ratings for the basically similar 1971 Sport Fury GT were 335 standard and 385 for the six-pot engine. Not an answer to a market trend, nor did it start one, but an interesting newer collectible for those interested in high performance with big-car room and ride.

Pluses of the 1970-1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT:

  • Burly looks
  • Exclusivity
  • Interior room, luxury
  • Last of the big performance Plymouths
  • Performance

Minuses of the 1970-1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT:

  • Hard to find in good condition
  • Not in high demand, and not likely to be for awhile yet
  • The usual unit-construction rust worries
  • Very thirsty

Production of the 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT:

Specifications of the 1970-1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT:
Wheelbase, inches: 120.0
Length, inches: 214.9/215.1 (1970/1971)
Weight, pounds: approximately 3,950
Price, new: $3,898 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1970-1971 Plymouth Sport Fury GT:

ohv V-8
440 cid

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