1969 AMX/2 Concept Car and 1970 AMX/3

Image Gallery: Concept Cars Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, the non-running 1969 AMX/2 concept car showed tiny AMC was toying with an advanced mid-engine sports car. See more concept car pictures.
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The 1969 AMX/2 concept car -- the prototype for the exciting 1970 AMX/3 production car -- was the first evidence that tiny, staid AMC was toying with a high-performance mid-engine sports car.

Dick Teague was always proud that he'd designed the 1970 AMX/3 -- so proud that he snared for himself one-third of those built. Sadly, that amounted to just two cars.

A lifelong car enthusiast, Teague loved most anything on four wheels, though as a car collector he favored vintage machines, which appealed to him as both simple and nostalgic next to the modern iron he worked on during 25 years as design vice-president for American Motors. Even so, those two AMX/3s sat cheek-to-jowl with his big White steamer and massive Pope-Hartford touring right up until his untimely death in 1991.

Designer's vanity? Not at all. The AMX/3 (sometimes written "AMX/III") remains one of the prettiest cars on the globe: low, smooth, curvy in all the right places, adroitly proportioned. Teague had every right to be proud of it.

But good looks are only part of the story. The 1970 AMX/3 was also a high-performance mid-engine sports car that came very close to production, which would have been no small achievement even if volume would have been scarcely more than the six examples ultimately built.

Still, while Chevy teased the public with midships Corvettes that would never be, little AMC was briefly on the verge of building a Euro-style supercar the public could actually buy.

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