1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE

1968 Mercedes-Benz 250C hardtop coupe (European version), part of the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE line of collectible cars
1968 Mercedes-Benz 250C hardtop coupe (European version)

The 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE were the sportiest non-SL Mercedes of this period. All were derived from the square-lined "New Generation" sedan first seen in 1967, differing mainly in a slightly shortened pillarless roof with two-inch-lower overall height.

Six-cylinder engines were featured throughout, but the U.S. 250C actually used a 2.8-liter unit to maintain power in the face of new performance-sapping federal safety and emissions rules.

Bosch electronic f­uel injection was fitted to all engines save the 250C (twin carburetors) and the twincam 280C; the latter was the U.S. version of the injected European 280CE announced in 1971.

The 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE are less coveted than earlier "S-class" coupes, but are nice newer collector cars with few vices and most all the expected Mercedes virtues.

Pluses of the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE:

  • Mercedes cachet
  • Pleasant handling
  • Tight and solid for hardtops
  • Most parts still readily available

Minuses of the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE:

  • Tend to be pricey even as used cars
  • Styling rather dull for hardtops
  • Performance not thrilling
  • Limited back-seat space

Production of the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE:

  • 250C: 8,824 (1968-1972)
  • 250CE: 21,787 (1968-1972)
  • 250C: 11,768 ("2.8" 1969-1976)
  • 280CE: 11,518 (1971-1976)

Specifications of the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.3
Length, inches: 184.5
Weight, pounds: 3,070-3,200Price, new: $6,625-$14,700

Engines for the 1968-1976 Mercedes-Benz 250/280C/CE:

Type ­Size Horsepower Years
ohc I-6 153 cid (2496 cc) 130/146 1968-1976
ohc I-6153 cid (2496 cc)150/1701968-1976
ohc I-6170 cid (2778 cc)157 1968-1972
dohc I-6168 cid (2746 cc)185/2051971-1976
dohc I-6168 cid (2746 cc)120-1801972-1976

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