1968-1974 AMC Javelin

1968-1974 AMC Javelin Design
Many buyers opted for the more up-market Javelin SST for 1968.
Many buyers opted for the more up-market Javelin SST for 1968.
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John A. Conde, former AMC public relations manager, remembers that the 1968-1974 AMC Javelin design origins came with Dick Teague's intriguing "Project Four" idea cars, introduced in 1966. Two of these, the AMX and AMX II, influenced the exciting production AMX two-seater.

A third, the Vixen, was a close-coupled coupe with a landau-type roof. All three bore lines that clearly influenced the production Javelin. (The fourth, the intriguing Cavalier, featured front/rear diagonally interchangeable doors.)

Although obviously a reply to the marketplace and not a new idea, the Javelin received high ratings from the automotive press. AMC billed it as a "full 4-passenger sporty car," and it did indeed have more interior space than any competitor -- save the Mercury Cougar, which it equaled.

The design was beautifully clean and uncluttered in the long-hood/short-deck ponycar idiom, its smoothness accentuated by flush door handles, ventless side windows, and sweeping "C" pillars.

The red 1969 Javelin SST was unusual in that it sported the 232-cid, 145-horsepower six-cylinder engine, good for 24 mpg.
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The front bumper, an expensive piece of chrome-plated metal, combined to form the underpan. It created a nice effect back in the pre-Endura-nose 1960s, at the same time avoiding the tacked-on look of the Mustang bumper, for example.

The interior featured standard front bucket seats and deeply recessed full instrumentation in a padded ABS plastic panel. The latter looked a bit funereal on the standard Javelin, which was finished in black, but other colors were available on the upmarket SST.

All 1968 AMC Javelins sported thin-line paint striping at the beltline, and an optional "wide stripe" came with the Rally-Pak, which soon became known as the "Go" package. It included road-going necessities such as power front-disc brakes, wide oval tires, handling suspension, and dual exhausts.

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