1968-1972 Buick GS

The 1968-1972 Buick GS was a continuation of Buick's mid-size stormer, with all-new styling on GM's split-wheelbase --112 inches on two-doors, 116 on four-doors -- A-body platform. A slight bore increase on the Buick small-block V-8 turned the previous GS340 into the GS350.

1970 Buick GSX hardtop coupe, part of the 1968-1972 Buick GS line of collectible cars
1970 Buick GSX hardtop coupe.  See more pictures of Buicks.

The GS400 continued as before, augmented at mid-1968 model year by the hot Stage I option for the big-block, which included a high-lift cam, reworked carb, and free-flow exhaust system.

For 1970, GM rescinded its unwritten ban on intermediates with less than 10 pounds per horsepower, so Buick bolted in its big-car 455 V-8. The GS350 became just plain GS. A mid-­season arrival was the GSX, an $888 package option featuring front and rear spoilers, striping, hood-mounted tach, and four-speed manual transmission.

Power began to be watered down starting in 1971, but a Stage 1 455 could still scamper from rest to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The GSX was dropped for 1972, but the 455 carried on, now rated in SAE net horsepower figures.

A new-generation Buick intermediate, the Century, debuted for '73. The GS reverted to being a package option, convertibles disappeared, and appearance was more subdued, but it was still fairly hot.

However, we think the desirable Buick muscle cars end with the '72s. The low-production convertibles became much sought-after during the Eighties.

Pluses of the 1968-1972 Buick GS:

  • Handsome looks
  • Great performance
  • Capable handling
  • Rag-tops' rarity
  • Atypical models for Buick

Minuses of the 1968-1972 Buick GS:

Production of the1968-1972 Buick GS:

  • 1968: GS350 2d htp 10,530; GS400 2d htp 10,743; GS400 conv 2,454
  • 1969: GS350 2d htp 4,933; GS400 2d htp 6,456; GS400 conv 1,776
  • 1970: GS 2d htp 9,948; GS455 2d htp 8,732; GS455 conv 1,416
  • 1971: GS 2d htp 8,268; conv 902
  • 1972: GS 2d htp 7,723; conv 852

Specifications of the 1968-1972 Buick GS:
Wheelbase, inches: 112.0
Length, inches: 200.7 (1968-1970), 203.3 (1971-1972)
Weight, pounds: 3,375-3,700
Price, new: $2,926-$5,350

Engines for the 1968-1972 Buick GS:

ohv V-8350 cid
280 1968-1972
ohv V-8400 cid
ohv V-8455 cid

*Rated at 250 bhp SAE net in 1972; Stage I rated at 270 bhp net

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