1967-1974 Saab Sonetts

1967-1974 Saab Sonett II/III Model Year/Production

Despite the many years it took for Swedish designers at Saab to warm to the idea of a sports car -- and then the additional years it took for the kinks to work themselves out of the Saab Sonett -- it was ultimately a success, and a vehicle that fulfilled U.S. Saab dealers' goal of driving more traffic to their showrooms.

1973 Saab Sonett
1973 Saab Sonett

Trace the Saab Sonett's trajectory of popularity with the model year production charts for Sonett II and III below.

Saab Sonett II/III Production by Model Year*

Model year
Number built
1966 28**
1967 300***
1968 899
1969 641
1970 303
1971 1,265
1972 2,000
1973 2,300
1974 2,500
Total: 1966-1974

Total Saab Sonett Production

Number built
Sonett II/V-4
Sonett III
All Sonett models

*Derived from chassis number ranges. **Includes the original prototype, three hand-built production prototypes, and 24 preproduction cars. ***Includes 230 with two-stroke three-cylinder engine and 70 four-stroke V-4 engine. Source: The Sonett, and all other Saab Sports Cars, by Bjorn Svallner, Alltom Hobby AB, 1983.

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