1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia

The 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia is the four-door successor to the Rivolta coupe, using the same basic chassis design on a six-inch longer wheelbase. Styling by Ghia featured a blunt nose with quad square headlamps, a fairly short tail, and flowing "coke-bottle" fender lines.

The plain but well-appointed interior featured standard air conditioning, an impressively instrumented dash, center console, and front bucket seats. Big and heavy, but quite quick with a top speed in excess of 130 mph.

Pluses of the 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia:

  • Simple, sturdy Detroit powertrains
  • Fine chassis
  • Cheaper than other Italian exotics
  • Prices have fallen off since the crazy times
  • Nice Bertone styling
  • Better equipment and four-door practicality than previous Isos

Minuses of the 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia:

  • Lacks pedigree of a Ferrari or Maserati
  • Rust-prone
  • No body/chassis parts can be found
Production of the 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia:
N/A, but very limited

Specifications of the 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia:
Length, inches: 195.7
Wheelbase, inches: 112.2
Weight, pounds: 3,700
Price, new: $14,300, U.S.1969 base price

Engines for the 1967-1974 Iso S4 Fidia:

ohv V-8 327 300 1967-1974

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