1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors

The 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL and SST 2-doors were the successors to the straight-edge 1965-1966 Ambassador. They featured swoopy lines designed by the late AMC design director Dick Teague in the then-popular "Coke bottle" mode -- helped by a two-inch wheelbase stretch.

This 1967 AMC Ambassador DPL convertible was part of the 1967-69 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-door line.
1967 AMC Ambassador DPL convertible.
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Three series were offered each year: 880/990/DPL for 1967, base/DPL/SST for 1968-1969. Mainstays were the four-door sedans and wagons, but the obvious collectibles here are the semi-fastback hardtop coupes and the 1967-only DPL convertible.

The DPL (don't call it "Diplomat") was typically furnished with fussy pseudo-brocade upholstery; the SST was sportier yet more restrained. Front consoles were available in both lines.

The Ambassador's small-block V-8s gave good performance, the base six good economy; both were sturdy and easily serviced. Other pluses included AMC's usual all-coil suspension with a new Hotchkiss-drive rear (replacing torque-tube), plus a low-profile top stack on the convert.

Most of the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL and SST 2-doors were likely built with three-speed automatic (either Shift Command, with manual gear-hold, or conventional Flash-O-Matic, both basically Chrysler TorqueFlite), but three-speed, three-speed/OD, and four-speed manuals were available and are as desirable and rare now as the front disc brake option, especially with V-8.

All were underrated, and the ragtop DPL is one of the last "undiscovered" '60s convertibles. Post-'69 Ambassadors might also be collected one day, but are omitted here as longer and more ornate -- to no good effect.

Pluses of the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors:

  • Pleasant styling
  • Good performance/economy blend
  • Rugged engines
  • Still cheap
  • Ragtop's rarity and one-year status

Minuses of the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors:

  • Mushy handling
  • Overdone DPL interiors
  • Rust-prone
  • Very scarce body panels and soft trim

Production of the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors:

  • 1967 DPL 2d hardtop: 12,552; convertible: 1,269
  • 1968 DPL 2d hardtop: 3,696; SST 2d hardtop: 7,686
  • 1969 DPL 2d hardtop: ,4504; SST 2d hardtop: 8,998

Specifications of the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors:
Wheelbase, inches: 118.0
Length, inches: 202.5
Weight, pounds: 3,395-3,566
Price, new: $2,958-3,622

Engines for the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors:

Type Size Horsepower Years
ohv I-6 232 cid 155 1967-1969
ohv V-8 290 cid 200 1967-1969
ohv V-8 343 cid 235/280 1967-1969
ohv V-8 390 cid
315 1968-1969

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