1967 1968 Ford Mustang Specifications

The 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang had a fresh look and a load of horsepower. Here are specifications and other information for this generation of the Mustang:


1967 Ford Mustang
The 1967 Ford Mustang had more visual bulk than the
1965 and 1966 Mustangs -- and more horses under the hood.
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Specifications for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0
Length, inches: 183.6
Curb-weight range, pounds: 2,568-3,000 (1967); 2,635-3,300 (1968)
Width, inches: 70.9

Engine Types for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
I-6: 200 cubic inches; 115-120 horsepower
V-8: 289
cubic inches; 195-290 horsepower
V-8: 302 cubic inches; 230-250 horsepower
V-8: 390 cubic inches; 320-335 horsepower
V-8: 427 cubic inches; 390 horsepower
V-8: 428 cubic inches; 335-360 horsepower

Transmissions for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
Automatic: 3-speed
Manual: 3-speed, 4-speed

Model-Year Production for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
1967: 475,346
1968: 321,854
*Model-year production includes GT-350, GT-500, and GT-500KR: 3,225 in 1967 and 4,450 in 1968.

Base Prices for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
Model 1967
Coupe, I-6
Convertible, I-6
Fastback, I-6
GT-350 fastback
GT-350 convertible
GT-500 fastback
GT-500 convertible
GT-500KR fastback
GT-500KR convertible

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