1966-1970 Ford Falcon

1970 Ford Falcon

Falcon did return for model year 1970, but with so few changes that advertising materials for the 1970 Ford Falcon actually reused the '69 artwork and photography. However, the Sports Coupe was gone from the lineup, and the 200-cubic-inch six, restored to 120 horsepower, was the new base engine.

1970 Ford Falcon
The last Falcon, the 1970, didn't even last
for its whole model year.

Then, in December 1969, production of the compact Falcon ceased. For the remainder of the model year, the name was transferred to a three-car "stripper" replacement series for the intermediate Fairlane 500. Given its short run, just 15,694 of the compact Falcons were assembled.

Falcon changed the way that America thought about cars. It brought the buying public into the realm of easy-to-maintain, smart-looking, and sometimes surprisingly peppy small automobiles -- qualities they couldn't always find in the imports that spurred the Falcon's creation. This little car opened the door to the introduction of the Fairlane, which spawned the Torino and its successors.

Falcon was also the basis for Ford's most popular postwar car, the Mustang, which affected not only the company but also the industry as a whole. It even lent parts of itself to its replacement, the Maverick. With nearly 2.85 million vehicles bearing the Falcon badge or based on its design as a commercial vehicle, the car had indeed done all that was asked of it.

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