1966-1970 Ford Falcon

1969 Ford Falcon

If changes had been minor between 1966 and 1967, then they were virtually undetectable between the 1968 and 1969 Ford Falcon. Smaller side marker lights and a return to rocker panel trim on Futuras were seen on the outside. Inside, a change in fabric set the two models apart. At this stage in the game, product planning for this series was nonexistent.

1969 Ford Falcon
The 1969 Falcon was almost identical
to the 1968 version.

One key addition for Falcon in 1969 was the optional availability of the new 302-cubic-inch V-8. A stroked version of the discontinued 289, it was fed through a two-barrel carburetor and developed 220 horsepower. The popular SelectShift automatic was offered with all Falcon models, though the three-speed manual was still included in the base price.

The seemingly inevitable price hikes were not as drastic as in 1968. Still, production dropped to 95,015 units, which was a good showing all things considered. After all, there now was another compact from Ford, the Maverick.

Released in March 1969 as a 1970 model, this new entry was even more spartan than the Falcon had ever been. Available only as a semifastback two-door sedan and powered exclusively by sixes, the new compact didn't even have a glovebox door. Priced at a prominently advertised $1,995 to start, it undercut the base two-door Falcon by $288.

It was finally time for Falcon's swan song in the United States. (Ford cars by that name continued to be built for various markets around the world.)

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