1966-1970 Ford Falcon

1968 Ford Falcon

The 1968 Ford Falcon underwent a detail facelift, as it had the year before. A new stamped-aluminum grille with a rectangular mesh graced the front view, retaining the dual-headlight design that had been with Falcon from the start.

1968 Ford Falcon interior
The new 1968 interior had a more stylish, safer
steering wheel and a sweep-style speedometer.

Taillights went from round to nearly square, which was accompanied by a slight change of contours at the trailing edge of the quarter panels. On the sides, 1967's front-fender indentations were smoothed over, thin full-length side trim was added to Futuras, and federally mandated side marker lights were added.

A revised dashboard with a totally new instrument cluster was also fitted to the 1968 Falcon. A sweep-style speed­ometer returned to the center, with a series of warning lights for oil pressure, parking-brake engagement, seatbelt reminder, and coolant temperature standard. (A package with additional lights to signal a door ajar and low fuel level was an option.)

Heater and air conditioning lever controls were to the right. A safety-padded steering wheel that was much more pleasing to the eye than the previous year's attempt was used, and it was probably more likely to help in the event of an accident.

The model lineup was identical to the 1967 roster, but there were powertrain alterations. Not only were the 225-horsepower 289-cubic-inch V-8 and four-speed manual transmission dropped, but the three returning engines all got a five-horsepower cut.

Prices increased again, substantially this time. Club coupe and four-door- sedan sticker prices were hiked by $134 from the previous season, wagons by $120. (Sports Coupes went up by $104, however.)

But with nothing to hamper Falcon production, sales rose to a total of 131,389 units, a more than 100 percent increase. With more than 26,000 station wagons built, the Falcon handily outsold the only other compact wagon still left on the market, the Rambler American.

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