1966-1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL/GT & GT/A

1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL/GT & GT/A

Engine selections shifted for the 1967 Ford Fairlane 500XL/GT and GT/A, as they adopted a standard small-block Challenger 289-cid V-8. This time, a two-barrel 390 added $74 to the price; the four-barrel, $150. Ford's top big-block lost 15 bhp due to installation of a Thermactor emissions system.

Body changes were minimal. The GT's black-out grille was now a single eight-segment aluminum unit, and backup lights split the taillights into two sections. Decorative hood "power domes" contained integral turn-signal indicators. On the mechanical side, power front-disc brakes were GT standards, as were F70 x 14 Wide-Oval tires. Shiftable automatics adopted the SelectShift name, with a T-bar lever on the console.

Interior changes included a new padded steering wheel hub and windshield pillars, plus a lane-change position on the turn-signal lever. Accent paint striping was available in black, red, or white; optional hardtop vinyl roofs came in black or white. Standard on the XL, a console cost extra inside a GT. Music lovers could get a Stereo-Sonic tape system using 70-minute cartridges.

All well and good, but could big-block Fairlanes move out as promised? Motor Trend provided the answer to that question when their early 335-bhp GT/A shot to 60 in a mere 6.8 seconds, and ran the quarter in 15.2 (reaching 92 mph).

Yet several dozen impatient types, dissatisfied with the 390's potential, managed to acquire a Fairlane with the famed "side oiler" 427-cid V-8, which promised an eye-opening 410 or 425 horsepower. Strangely, this engine was only offered in base, 500, and 500XL models, not the GT. But even without the muscle of a 427, Fairlane GTs helped establish Ford's role in the burgeoning "supercar" race of the late 1960s, quickly evolving into the Torino and Cobra.

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