1966-1967 Dodge Charger

1967 Dodge Charger Sales Figures

Despite the NASCAR wins, 1967 Dodge Charger assemblies declined steeply to just 15,788 units -- less than half of what they had been for short-run 1966. Perhaps the introduction of the Coronet R/T stole some of Charger's thunder.

Meanwhile, Plymouth's all-new Barracuda, now with three body types, boasted a 1967 output of better than 62,500 cars. (Price couldn't have been a problem; the base sticker was just $6 higher than in 1966.)

Of course, the "Dodge Boys" had an answer waiting in the wings. When the second-generation Charger debuted for 1968, it was minus the fastback roofline (although racing requirements would quickly make obvious the need for another version of it) and fancy interior. But it did retain disappearing headlamps and, with dramatic new "double-diamond" body styling, this second Charger and the equally new Pontiac GTO became the hottest tickets around. Charger assemblies soared to more than 96,000 units.

Quickly eclipsed by its successor and described by cynics as "a good-looking Marlin," the first-generation 1966-1967 Dodge Charger remains an eminently collectible automobile, blessed with unique styling, a feature-laden interior, and a set of engine and performance options ranging from mild to wild. Review these engine options with the chart below.

1966-1967 Dodge Charger Engine Specifications

type/cid boreXstroke
V-8/318* 3.91X3.31 230@4400 340@2400 9.0:1 2V 1966
V-8/318** 3.91X3.31 230@4400 340@2400 9.2:1 2V 1967
V-8/361 4.12X3.38 265@4400 380@2400 9.0:1 2V 1966
V-8/383 4.25X3.38 270@4400 390@2800 9.2:1 2V 1967
V-8/383 4.25X3.38 325@4800 425@2800 10.1:1 4V 1966-67
V-8/426 4.25X3.75 425@5000 490@4000 10.25:1 2X4V 1966-67
V-8/440 4.32X3.75 375@4800 480@3200 10.1:1 4V 1967

* "A-series" engine
** "LA-series" small-block engine

Despite all of the first-generation Dodge Chargers luxurious options, you don't see many at shows. Maybe restorers and collectors should take another look at this faster fastback.

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