1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT

The 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT models were a last desperate move by Glas to change its image as a maker of stodgy family cars.

1967 Glas 3000GT coupe, a conservative but sporty semi-fastback
1967 Glas 3000GT coupe.  See more pictures of 1960s cars.

Italian stylist Pietro Frua designed the conservative but clean semi-fastback four-seat coupe body, which rested on a special platform chassis with de Dion rear suspension. Power was supplied by a V-8, effectively two four-cylinder units from the 1300 GT on a common crankcase, and a surprisingly successful piece of quick production engineering.

Following the takeover of Glas by BMW in 1966, engine size was uprated to 3.0 liters for 1967 in an attempt to broaden the model's market appeal. It also acquired circular blue-and-white BMW logos on the hood, trunklid, and hubcaps.

The 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT models' styling had much in common with the Frua-designed Maseratis of the period, though there was also some family resemblance to the smaller 1300/1700 GT. The front end was marked by a fussy grille with large, high-set square headlamps.

Pluses of the 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT:

  • Interesting styling
  • U.S. rarity
  • Effective engine and performance (125 mph maximum)

Minuses of the 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT:

  • Few built
  • Engine, chassis components unavailable
  • Hard to find now

Specifications of the 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT:
Wheelbase, inches: 98.4
Length, inches: 182.0
Weight, pounds: 2,485
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1965-1968 Glas 2600/3000 GT:

Horsepower (DIN)
dohc V-82,576 cc (157 cid) 140 1965-1966
dohc V-82,982 cc (182 cid) 160 1967-1968

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